TANCLEAN™ network covers more than 140 cities and towns in almost twenty three States in India. TANCLEAN™ was recognized with the SANKALP AWARD 2009 instituted by Intellicap and supported by the Rockefeller Foundation as the best Social Enterprise in Healthcare, it is also the recipient of the “Best Franchisor Award” three times in a row from 2005 to 2007 in Service based Franchise opportunity, and also The Best Essential Services Award on a National platform besides several other recognitions and awards.

TANCLEAN™ is a Safe Scientific Concept to clean and disinfect Drinking Water Storage tanks that involve a 6-stage cleaning process using state-of-the-art imported equipment and proprietary Anti-bacterial agents that are safe, effective and eco-friendly. As compared to conventional tank cleaning, TANCLEAN™ ensures faster cleaning for even the most neglected tanks. The entire process takes just about 60 minutes of cleaning time for an average capacity of up to 50,000 liters which keeps the tanks safe and healthy for the next 90 days.

Franchise represented in Sri Lanka by Right Aqua (Pvt) Ltd

Our Story

RIGHT AQUA in search of a scientific solution to cater more as a service to the people of the country with the concept of ‘CLEAN WATER FOR HEALTHY LIFE’ successfully negotiated to be the FRANCHISEE in Sri Lanka as ‘TANCLEAN LANKA’ for ‘TANCLEAN’ in India which is the world’s largest Drinking Water Tank cleaning service provider. RIGHT AQUA along with TANCLEAN™ had recognized the basic need to solve this problem for the benefit of the citizens in the country.

Under normal conditions, it is very easy to blame the System/Administration/Government Machinery and everybody else (other than our ownselves) for any public utility related problem without first understanding one’s own accountability and duty as an individual and as a responsible citizen of our country. Unfortunately and very sadly, unsuspecting and innocent children being the first victims of such callous and irresponsible attitude of us so-called “educated adults”!



Providing clean water, through the use of mechanized German technology in a comprehensive six stage water tank cleaning process

Get Your Drinking Water Tank Cleaned By The World’s Largest Tank Cleaning Company


Clean Water For Healthy Life

Get Your Drinking Water Tank Cleaned By The World’s Largest Tank Cleaning Company.


TMC Completion certificate #1

TMC Completion certificate #2

Tanclean Sri Lanka won the Silver Award for the Best Health & Wellness category at the prestigious BestWeb Awards 2019